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How to maintain compound wood floor
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Autor:  liuer [ Jue Oct 11, 2018 9:03 am ]
Asunto:  How to maintain compound wood floor

<p>Can use cleaner or broom to sweep surface dust at ordinary times, the dishcloth or mop that drips to do not drip to wipe floor surface again after soaking wet.
<p>It is best to open the doors and windows after mopping,sell wood plastic composite wpc let the air circulate, blow dry the floor as soon as possible.</p>
<p>Compound wood floor wear-resistant layer if damaged will make the floor moisture-proof function and brightness affected, therefore, walking on the floor, should try to wear cloth slippers, it is best barefoot. </p>
<p>To the foot of furniture are affixed soft bottom protection mat, cheap diy privacy fencing ideasavoid the foot of furniture scratches floor wear-resistant layer, do not let very heavy article smash wear-resistant layer. </p>
<p>Do not use sandpaper, polishers, steel brushes, strong decontamination powder or metal tools to clean composite wood floors. </p>
<p>If you have a cat at home, find a way to deal with the destruction of the cat's claws. </p>
<p>Clean light-colored compound wood floor tips: use a dishcloth dipped in Amoy water directly in the floor wipe, or Amoy water evenly sprayed on the wood floor (should not be too much), 5 minutes with dry rag wipe, the floor will be much cleaner. </p>
<p>Special stains cleaning: oil stains, paint, ink can be used to wipe;pavilion building plans free blood, juice, red wine, beer and other residual stains with wet dishcloth or dishcloth dipped in a suitable amount of floor cleaner wipe; wax and gum; </p>
<p>Place ice cubes on top for a while, freeze and contract, then gently scrape,choicest deck skirting ideas then wipe with a damp cloth or cloth dipped in a suitable amount of floor cleaner.
<p>Do not use strong acid and alkali liquid to clean the composite wood floor.</p>

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