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#1 – Decide whether you or a discount card company will do the work.Getting merchants to list on your card may involve much more work than a volunteer for a non-profit organization is willing to invest. It takes skill to communicate how a strong merchant listing can benefit the merchant and then to motivate himher to sign a contract to honor their discount. Care should also be taken in making sure the card is being built both “vertically” by soliciting strong offers from popular local businesses Cheap Byron Scott Jersey , and “horizontally” by adding other locations for those businesses within a meaningful radius of your organization’s location.

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#3 – Make sure your discount card will be easy to sell in the workplace.Many of your fundraising discount cards will be sold by the parents of your organization’s members. If you live in a community where people may have to travel 5 or 10 (or even more) miles to get to their place of work then its important to make sure that your card will list popular businesses that have multiple locations. When you think about it, your card should have merchant listings that will be meaningful to those co-workers who may have to travel 5-10 miles from the opposite direction to get to those same workplaces-so don’t fall into the trap of making your card too geographically restrictive.

#4 – Evaluate any risks that may accompany your discount card purchase.Once you’ve determined how many fundraiser discount cards you’re going to expect each member of your organization to sell, make sure they understand the expectation and are committed to selling them. However Wholesale Lakers Jerseys , it is also a good idea to (a) make sure your expectations are reasonable, (b) initially order only the number of cards you will need to give to each of your members to start the fundraiser and (c) make sure that your discount card company will offer your organization a refund for a reasonable number of unsold discount cards. Try to avoid getting stuck with discount cards you can’t sell.

#5 – Avoid duplicating offers that are on another known discount card. It should be obvious that your customers aren’t purchasing a discount card per se; rather, they’re really buying the discounts that are listed on the card. Anyone who has purchased a discount card from one organization is unlikely to hesitate to purchase a second discount card from another organization that offers another set of discounts-especially if that card is perceived to have value. So, if you are aware of another organization that is selling fundraising discount cards in your community Cheap Los Angeles Lakers Jerseys , then make sure your card is constructed with offers that are sufficiently different than those on the other card.

Champion Fundraising offers a broad variety of fundraising-discount-cards at its website. You can also find our free self-help and advice articles on a variety of important funding issues for youth sports organizations at our fundraising blog.Champion specializes in working with youth sports programs and provides a variety of fundraising services and products including discount cards, gourmet food, silent auctions and golf tournaments.

The media spotlight the past few days has been on Eliot Spitzer, the Governor of New York Cheap Lakers Jerseys , and his link to the Emperor's Club VIP prostitution ring. Whether his damaging behavior is related to an inflated sense of entitlement, the dark side of his self righteous attitude, a feeling that he's above the law, or high testosterone Wholesale Julius Randle Jersey , seeing the anguished look on Silda Spitzer's face and knowing that he has 3 teenage daughters makes you wonder.

It now clearly looks as if crime buster Spitzer has fallen on his own sword. And buying high-priced sexual services has created a heartbreaking tragedy for his family. Although he raised the ethical bar in New York, he forgot to hold himself to this higher standard. By ignoring what may be the consequences of his acts, and the people he would hurt, he raises questions about his basic character as well as his moral development. Now that he has officially resigned Wholesale Brandon Ingram Jersey , he has a very big job ahead - looking deep inside himself.

This scene - personal pain on display for all to see - has played out many times before in the political arena. There's a variety of ways to look at what motivates the betrayed wife, disgraced and humiliated, standing by her man. It could be a psychological defense mechanism, manifested as denial Wholesale Brook Lopez Jersey , shock or an out-of-body fugue state. Perhaps it's a combination of what she always does, a function of her identity derived from her husband's status or an effort in support of her own aspirations. It may even be plain love, a long history together, concern for the children and a desire to keep the family together. Whatever the case Wholesale Tyler Ennis Jersey , it takes a lot of courage and the road to healing the wounds is long and hard.

The potential outcome of espousing a rigid morality and then living a life of reckless abandon is unpredictable, but it certainly can destabilize relationships and ruin lives. Spitzer is an extreme example of the disruption of equi. Cheap Jerseys Cheap Jerseys Wholesale Cheap Authentic Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys Cheap Jerseys China Free Shipping Wholesale Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys China Wholesale Jerseys China Wholesale Jerseys From China

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