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There are some moves that must be mastered so that you can play table tennis as an expert. Listed below are several that you would do well to practice until you have mastered.

The block PLAN

The first coup Xavier Su'a-Filo Jersey , you must learn to defend the east bloc shooting, which is implemented by your racket held at a right angle to the meeting table and the ball just after it landed on the side of the net. This photo is very easy to master once you've learned to take the racket and time correctly the ball well enough to beat you more or less at the centre of the racket face.

Although experts players use a lot of spin on almost every shot, and make readers and chops with ease Luke Stocker Jersey , you want to learn the bloc fired first because it is the easiest and easiest way to return the ball.

If it was not possible for the opponent to make a lot of spin on a ball of light, we would probably use this picture only. However, it is extremely difficult to adjust the angle of the racket face fairly quickly made plans to return with sidespin Bennie Logan Jersey , under spin, or more than spin.


The block is shot mostly on the underside, with the right foot to left front and right side of his body turned slightly toward the net. Left-handed players Blaine Gabbert Jersey , of course, reverse these directions. Bend your arm at the elbow and wrist keep your business. Stand near the table, keep the blade of the racket horizontal and block the ball with a quick movement just after it bounced on the table. (Note: In table tennis it is against the rules of volleyball Dion Lewis Jersey , that is to hit the ball before it has rebounded.)


To save time and security in return difficult shots, players learn to withdraw behind the table and use a chopping motion to keep the ball in play A forehand or a backhand chop is made from the racket up around your shoulder, and chop the front and rear of the ball to a forty-five degrees. Not only this time returning the ball Malcolm Butler Jersey , but he keeps a low return and apply enough backspin to force your opponent to hit his return into the net, unless he adjusts his racket to allow your spin.

Forehand and backhand DRIVES

Like the chop is the weapon of defence in table tennis, so that the preliminary hand and backhand drives are attacking weapons. To make a hard turn slightly in both directions; tilt your racket face forward Austin Johnson Jersey , bring your racket on the ball, then up and slightly above with a movement of brushing, finishing with the racket and above your head. This movement gives strong topspin the ball which makes pull-down menu on the other side of the net.

The primary objective of the reader Kevin Dodd Jersey , as an attack stroke, is to win the point by the speed or placement. It is often necessary to take a chance to miss the ball when you try to play offensively. Of course, if you take too many chances that you will eventually be foolish too many mistakes and losing the game.


Service table tennis must be done by bouncing the ball on your own side of the table first. There are many restrictions imposed on service providers Luke Falk Jersey , which are typically prevent service to be an offensive weapon. Any run-up to the service must be given by the racket and not by hand. Take care vary the length and speed of your service so that your opponent will not be able to return aggressive.

It is, of course, the more you can learn more about the sport of table tennis Brynden Trawick Jersey , but once you've learned these plans, you made a good start!

by Grandesso Federico

VENICE, Sept. 9 (Xinhua) -- ""I never show everything or give all the details about the story because I want to allow space for the viewers to project their own personal experience and emotions onto the story,"" French director Stephane Brize said.

""Through this process, the spectator can make his own film. Then the face of an actor must not be the commentary on the story, but only the canvas of a painter where you can draw the emotions you want,"" said Brize when speaking with Xinhua about his movie Une Vie in competition at the ongoing 73rd Venice Film Festival.

Brize believes what is unseen is important and for this reason, he rarely likes to film his characters frontally.

The film is about Jeanne, an idealistic and ingenious woman in a world of ""wolves"" who ends up manipulated by everybody.

Brize directed The Measure of a Man which was presented at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival wherein the lead actor, Vincent Lindon, won the best actor award.

Une Vie was inspired by a Guy de Maupassant novel Brize read 20 years ago in which he developed a strong connection with the character of Jeanne, a 19th century nobel woman.

Re-reading the book, Brize understand that her inability to grow up was linked to her belief in the high potential of the individual and of humankind. A woman unable or unwilling to equip herself with the necessary ""defense weapons"" needed to deal with real life.

""In her inability to see evil and contradictions and to lie and do ugly things, she has an absolute beauty and purity but inevitably, this rare gift will also be her tragedy,"" the French director said.

Brize disclosed a very personal element, saying, ""In her incapacity to change her views on the world and on men in general, somehow, I recognize myself in part of my life and this is my main interest with dealing with this story.""

The director explained that the husband character, Julien, had lost his family fortune and at that time it was quite normal to marry someone for financial reasons. Jeanne's mother is seduced by her potential son-in-law and pushes Jeanne to marry him.

Maupassant presented the character of Julien highly unfavourably and presented him as someone who just wants to climb the social ladder and retrieve the fortune his family lost.

""His heart is beating beca.

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