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It is planted in our knowledge that enjoying the services of an outsourcing company often leads to successful utilization of business procedures. However , even though having an efficient project management with a highly skilled and talented outsourcing team, there are few times where expectations are not met, thus leading to certain mishaps between an outsourcing company and its client.

One major root of these unfortunate situations is miscommunication. As harmless as it seems, it is considered as the number one cause of why outsourcing services somewhat fail to meet its customers’ parameters.

It is imperative that in any given transaction, lack of comprehensive communication is painful to both parties. Looking at the issue, when conducting these kinds of services, both sides need to express their thoughts in order to fully understand each other. It is essential to take extra time and extensive effort to grasp everything said and unsaid, as the tiniest detail can be incorporated to the biggest effects. Remember that a flap of a butterfly can cause a tornado , that’s why missing a single detail can lead to further mishaps and misfortunes.

Without sufficient communication, you and your business partner are prone to unclearly establishing your expectations. It is important to talk about everything, and when we say everything, it means every each thing, from the smallest to the largest information. The exchange of visions between the outsourcing company and business managers are critical in any relationship, and clearly concluding both of your expectations are in the pavement to the path of a win-win situation.

Along with delivering your expectations, make sure that you, as a business owner give specific instructions to your outsourcing company. Just tell them what you want , rather than regretting in the future after not getting what you desire. Each person has their own unique perception and understandability, that’s why you’d rather be direct with what you want in order to achieve your expectations.

Generally, miscommunication leads to unforced errors that are solely based on the insufficient commitment of both parties. Worst, it results in failure of project management that ironically, opposes the main objective of outsourcing: which is cost reduction, faster implementation, more efficient and effective non-core business operations.

The majority of companies in the industry often overlook this issue, yet focusing on these types of conflicts maximizes the productivity of both parties. Even though miscommunication is only seen as a minor drawback , it requires the outsourcing firm and its client precision and accuracy in their overall communication.

However, realizing the devastating effects of miscommunication in the outsourcing industry, the solution to this problem is only a piece of cake. Simple business operation maintenance is the key, such as regular reporting, cross checking, and constant communication will ensure that parameters and premises are secured and understood.

Overall, the most important are the alignment of the outsourcing team to their clients. With great planning and structured communication, you are hindered to failing outsourcing projects with confidence. At Coefficients , communication is seen as one of the priorities to ensure quality delivery of business processes. Coefficients maintains a remarkable interaction with its clients, giving the maximum satisfaction along with quality service in the friendliest cost.

About <"http:www.coefficientsco">Coefficents Co Ltd.

Coefficients currently serves more than 20 global clients in knowledge services. The company’s eventual metamorphosis from BPO to KPO is a very good opportunity for it to be ideally positioned to lead in knowledge-based services via ramping up capacity and honing its people’s competency.

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